Kumbukkal Pepper

National award winning, best quality pepper; a unique selection developed exclusively by the innovative farmer Mr. KT Varghese, Idukki, Kerala.
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About Kumbukkal Pepper

‘Kumbukkal Pepper’, a unique selection black pepper aged 27 years exclusively developed at Kumbukkal Pepper Nursery, Kottayam, Kerala by National Award Winning innovative farmer Mr. K T Varghese residing in Peruvanthanam, Peermade, Idukki, Kerala. With its high yielding and disease resistance abilities, the ‘Kumbukkal Selection’ variant has gained widespread popularity and demand in diverse Indian states.

Salient features of Kumbukkal Selection

• This variant has a remarkable root system and is resistant to diseases such as quick wilt (foot rot), slow wilt, and hollow berry (pollu), which are common but serious challenges for pepper farmers in India.

• It adapts well to midland, rocky high-range areas with shallow soils, and it is also suitable for all pepper cultivation areas.

• Since the plant grows quickly, it spreads out much faster on the supporting tree.

• The kumbukkal plant begins to yield in the first year after planting and reaches optimum yield in three years.

• In comparison to other varieties, which yield up to 2-3 kg per plant, a single plant can produce up to 4-6 kg of dried pepper.

• This species has been scientifically proven to have a higher yield, higher oil content, and more pungent than local varieties.

• The number of berries per spike is 115-120 in 6 rows, compared to 70-90 in 4 rows in other varieties such as Karimunda.

• This variety is also tolerant to drought.