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The Story of Kumbukkal Pepper

‘Kumbukkal Pepper’, a unique selection black pepper aged 27 years exclusively developed at Kumbukkal Pepper Nursery, Kottayam, Kerala by National Award Winning innovative farmer Mr. K T Varghese residing in Peruvanthanam, Peermade, Idukki, Kerala. With its high yielding and disease resistance abilities, the ‘Kumbukkal Selection’ variant has gained widespread popularity and demand in diverse Indian states.

The unique selection is the result of years of experimentation and keen observation, which began in 1889 – 1995, when the pepper crops suffered extensive damage as a result of a disease that quickly wiped out many crops. Mr. Varghese, with his astute observation and his wife’s encouragement, propagated and developed a new selection variant from the plants that survived. Kumbukkal Selection pepper plant is known for its ability to resist diseases while producing a more consistent yield than other local varieties. Mr. Varghese works toward his vision of widely spreading this unique species to farmers across the country, which he believes will improve the quality and quantity of pepper yield per acre.


Kumbuckal Selection Pepper can be purchased directly from Kumbuckal Pepper Nursery, Kalaketty, Kottayam. Or you can place an order through this website by clicking here. You can also place orders through the phone by dialling 91 99610 21273.

Your orders for live plants will be packaged neatly and dispatched in delivery boxes. Air holes will be added to the box so that the plants will receive adequate air during transportation. The dispatched plants can later be collected from your nearest courier centres.

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Planting a black pepper sapling is easy. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Dig a one-foot-deep pit.
2. Add essential manure in the pit. (Manures which are most beneficial for Kumbuckal Pepper will be advised from Kumbuckal Farm upon request)
3. Make sure that the soil covering the pit is mixed well with the manure.
4. Place the pepper sapling in the right direction within the pit, Where it can climb through a tree or any other support.
5. Fill the pit with soil and gently press the soil around the plant.

Provide some shade so that no direct sunlight or water/soil droplets fall on the leaf during rain.