Plant Black Pepper Plants With These Easy Steps.

Kumbuckal Pepper, patented, National Award winning pepper sample with high yielding and disease resistant capacity is just what you need for starting a pepper farming. Planting a Kumbukkal black pepper plant is easier than you could ever imagine. Since the Kumbuckal Pepper has roots that are already sprouted, it can be planted directly in the ground easily by following these simple steps.

pepper plant

Dig a small pit.

Dig a one-foot-deep small pit with any tool of your choice, preferably on the north side or any side with low sunlight, near the tree or GI pipe where the pepper plant that we wish to be grown on.

Mix manures as necessary.

If you think that your soil lacks fertility, you can add organic fertilisers to mix up with the soil. Cow dung powder can be a good option as it removes the harmful ammonia and improves the moisture holding capacity of the soil. Mix up really well so that the root should not come in direct contact with the cow dung powder.

Place the plant in the pit.

Use a knife to safely cut and remove the cover of the pepper plant without damaging the roots and disturbing the soil. Place the Kumbukkal black pepper plant in the pit towards the plant or GI pipe that you wish the pepper plant to be grown on. Make sure the plant is slightly tilted to the support so that it can climb through as it grows.

Fill the pit with the soil.

Fill the pit with soil, covering the roots completely, and gently press the soil around the plant. Make sure the soil around the plant is not too firm so that water can pass through it.
Now the plant has been planted, always ensure that you are providing proper shades for the black pepper plant. Direct sunlight or rain water droplets falling on the plant can impair the plant.

Start your black pepper farming easily with Kumbuckal Pepper now. Happy harvesting!

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